When Is The Right Time To Update On-Page SEO?

When Is The Right Time To Update On-Page SEO

SEO in digital marketing is as unpredictable as the weather in Mumbai. Results, updates or optimisation, everything is always a puzzle to solve. Whether what we do is enough or needs a change is a common question of concern for several SEO experts.

SEO is an ongoing process that cannot be done and dusted. It always requires changes or some work, however, the biggest achievement is to strike a balance between all the tasks to keep it performing well. Once you’ve achieved that, you hit the Jackpot! And we’re here to help you with it.

How Frequently Should You Update A Page?

The frequency differs from one page to the other. For example, more focus should be directed towards pages that are visited often rather than a blog post based on a topical topic. Furthermore, factors like the number of pages on your website and the rate at which you upload new pages also alter the rate at which you should update your website.

Specific situations call for specific changes that must be done to improve on-page SEO. Following are some instances that determine the need for changes and updates:

  • Changes in competitor’s site: If you witness your competitor’s website performing well lately then you must check once a month about how they’ve optimized their page and compare your page performance with theirs.
  • Experiments with Links: Before undergoing any server changes or putting an end to certain links, always make sure to conduct audits pre and post-experiment to understand the root cause and the effects.
  • Product changes: For popular product pages that are impacted due to stock changes or updates, then you must keep a check for 404 errors or page redirection, etc. Audits once a week are recommended.
  • Site structure change: If you’re going to change the site architecture, you must first conduct audits of the particular pages before and after, twice each time to measure the performance.
  • Algorithm update: Before an algorithm update, it is imperative to know about the performance of your page. You must conduct an audit twice before the update and twice after it.

Audits are essential to highlight the factors that may help dictate the changes and updates required for a particular page or website. You may not necessarily adhere to the above-mentioned frequency, you must conduct the audits as per your findings.

Why You Must Keep A Check On On-Page Factors?

Every SEO company in Mumbai and throughout the world will agree with the fact that SEO is ever-evolving. Be it updates or search behaviours, everything keeps changing and therefore the pages should do too.

The No 1. Position is won and retained by constantly updating and working in tandem with the frequent user behaviour changes.

Whoever says SEO is easy, ask them to rank a business as No. 1 and retain the position. It’s not a cakewalk, instead, it’s like Moonwalk, and only the experts can do it. Someone like us, the best digital marketing company in Mumbai that puts your brand in the position it deserves- No 1.