Update: 3 New Ad Creation Tools By Google

Update: 3 New Ad Creation Tools By Google

All the search engine marketing experts are in for a treat as Google rolls out three new tools that are designed to make team collaboration and the Ad creation process easier.

With the ever-evolving nature of customers and search engines, marketers need evolved tools that cut the processing time and add to productivity and results. And while we wish for things, Google is the genie that makes things possible and it did. Well, it’s hard to remember the last time Google disappointed us.

Following are the three new introductions by Google:

1. Improved Storage and Organisation

Working with a team on projects demands every team member to be on the same page. But we’re all aware of the reality. Google’s latest introduction of Asset Library helps everyone in the team to access videos and images across Google Ads accounts. The tool allows members to share, organise and import several creatives from the past and present campaigns effortlessly.

Local and Display campaigns, Discovery App, Performance Max and some other ad extensions are the areas where you can get access to the Asset Library.

While creating or editing campaigns, say goodbye to the tedious tasks of re-uploading the creative assets that you use for multiple campaigns. All you have to do is Open, Click and Upload! Voila, the process, made simple.

2. Videos Ads For YouTube Made Easy

Video is a powerful way of connecting and engaging with the audience. However, due to the tedious process of video creation, many businesses fail to take advantage of what Video ads have to offer. But, no more.

Google Ads now has the new feature of Video ad creation that allows anyone to become the master of direction and create high-quality impactful videos. The tool provides a catalogue with several templates that can be edited by adding brand logos, colours and more. Furthermore, to add more life to the videos, you can also add music from the audio library.

The templates are designed specifically for YouTube that comprises proper video size and placement, creative templates, accurate product placements and compelling calls to action that help your ads to stand out.

With templates available, the process of making videos becomes less cumbersome and you can focus more on drafting messages and strategies.

3. Voice-over audio

Voice-over helps to improve the performance of the videos and therefore Google introduces the voice-over audio feature in the video creation tool. Google’s speech-to-text technology is used and is available in seven voices and different languages such as Indonesian, French, Filipino, English, Hindi, Korean, Malaysian, Spanish, Swedish and Mandarin.

The introduction of such features and tools has made delivering content-rich ads a hassle-free process. Creatives play a pivotal role in attracting and engaging customers. Google has made sure for advertisers to leverage the potential of creatives with the latest features and tools that allow them to create the extraordinary.

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