The Pop Factor: How To Use Colours To Make Elements Stand Out

The Pop Factor: How To Use Colours To Make Elements Stand Out

While scrolling, have you ever come across a design in advertising that causes you to pause immediately? We all have. While there are several elements that contribute to the ‘pausing’ factor, there’s one that plays a major role- Colour. It’s an underrated element of graphic designing that does wonders for a design.

An indispensable part, colours help not only add life to a design but also aid to grab attention to details that you wish to highlight. However, the selection of colours is based on several factors which also include psychological reasons and is not based on only personal preferences.

Let us debunk some of the common myths of SEO and highlight the reality:

1. Understanding colours and colour theory

Being cognizant of colours and their use in design is the first step of the process to creative success. The next step is to understand the colour theory which involves the basic primary colours- red, blue and yellow and the colours that can be generated once these colours are mixed.

The next chapter involves more detailed aspects of colour theory such as the complementary and tertiary colours, shades and tints, hues and values- basically everything that the colour wheel has to offer. Understanding the colour wheel is paramount as it offers clarity about the colours and helps designers to incorporate them optimally into designs that turn into masterpieces.

2. Understanding colour psychology

Colours aren’t solely selected on the basis of what works well with each other, instead, there is something known as colour psychology that helps understand colours and their use as communication as per human behaviour.

Comprehending the brain's response to certain colours can help significantly in marketing and promoting a product or service. What one needs to pay attention to is not overwhelm a creative with billion of colours. Also, one also needs to understand that specific brands need specific colours For example: Using bright red for a meditation centre would be a disaster for the brand and even the user’s eyes.

Following are some of the prominent brand colours that are used by every graphic design studio and what they mean:

Yellow: This hue stands for optimism, youth, happiness, and joy and is also used to grab attention or to be seen as affordable.
Red: The colour signifies anger, passion and excitement. It can be utilised to draw eyeballs or state an emergency.
Green: The colour of prosperity and growth, Green is also often used for stability and to signify a connection with nature.
Orange: The hue evokes energy, playfulness and friendliness.
Black: This colour is used to evoke a luxurious, edgy, powerful and sophisticated feeling.

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