Political Ad Campaigns in India: The Shift From Traditional to Digital Marketing

Evolution of Political Ads| Social Media Marketing Agency

With posters plastered on walls and huge billboards featuring leaders' faces, political ad campaigns have usually opted for traditional marketing. However, political marketing today has pivoted and entered the era of screens– the digital realm that helps gain love, loyalty, respect, hate, and following- everything you need to win hearts and votes!

Let’s dive deeper and understand the impact of digital on political campaigns from the perspective of Light Buzz Media- a leading social media marketing agency.

Why The Shift?

The gradual shift from traditional to digital because of the rise of mobile phone users in India aided by affordable data plans and easy access to social media platforms has allowed. Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic brought people closer to their screens and changed the perspective of social media as an information tool.

Post the pandemic, political parties have adopted the digital approach to reach the masses and influence the audience, especially the youth.

While traditional sources like television and newspapers are prominent advertising mediums since many of India still consume them, the high costs give digital marketing the upper hand.

The Rise of Political Campaigns

Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) was the first to actively explore and use social media as an advertising medium in 2014. Since then, the trend has been adopted by several other regional, state, and national parties, and even individual candidates.

By adopting the digital approach, political parties tap into the world of trends and quick information, which gives them the advantage of being seen and persuading the audience in a new manner.

The Platforms

Facebook was once the preferred medium of advertising for top social media marketing companies and political parties. However, due to its stringent political advertising policies, the parties shifted to other platforms.

The parties are now using WhatsApp for the Lok Sabha Election, 2024 to woo their voters. For instance, BJP tried to engage with their voters by circulating a personalised ‘Letter from the Prime Minister’. On the other hand, the Congress has made a Rahul Gandhi group in which the leader actively participates and answers people’s queries.

Other platforms like Instagram and Twitter (now X) are also used to spread information quickly without any hindrance.

The Results

While some have their apprehensions about the effectiveness of social media, the platforms with billions of users have the power to influence, and if nothing, spread information like wildfire.

In the digital era, it is imperative to adapt and evolve to gain a competitive advantage. This doesn’t mean bidding a farewell to the traditional mediums. They play an important role too, however, campaigns that adopt an integrated approach are the ones to lead.

Light Buzz Media- a trusted digital marketing service provider requests the readers to vote and drive the country towards a better tomorrow through their participation. Try to seek the right information through the right sources and report any wrong information immediately. We must stand for the truth and spread it too. Use social media and other platforms wisely, and make informed decisions for the country’s future.