Light Buzz Media Journey: The Birth Of The Finest Digital Marketing Agency

Light Buzz Media Journey: The Birth Of The Finest Digital Marketing Agency

One fine evening when the sky was tinted in the shades of orange and pink, right under it stood two friends discussing reality and dreams over cutting chai. As the sun started to shy away and the light started to dim, over the conversation, a little beam of an idea lit within.

So what was the idea? It was more of a dream to start a digital marketing agency, a company they could call their own. While the seeds of the idea were sowed, it needed the juice to grow and become a reality.

The two set out on the journey and peddled hard to gain momentum. While there were several hurdles that swore to arise every time they got closer to becoming a digital marketing service provider, the two stood solid as a rock and passed each hurdle like Dalilah Muhammad, that girl is fire!

They gathered all the possible information and knowledge they had about digital marketing, the market, competitors and a lot more to create pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that were required to be completed to begin. The pieces were scattered all over just like shards of glass after an accident. However, through their dedication and zeal to make it happen, they weaved together each piece meticulously to create the best digital marketing company in Mumbai.

While everything was moving smoothly, there came a storm of disturbance where one of the friends had to drop out. The ship had to sail solo and that’s when the pirate on the ship Ms. Nishi Makkar took charge and carried forward the journey. While it was a difficult path with innumerable hindrances, Nishi moved ahead like Mario, getting bigger and better with every obstacle she passed.

After a majority of the work, the momentous part of the journey was to give the company a name, an identity! The creative juices begin to flow, the pen’s ink started to run out, and a thousand names were dumped into the bin. The easiest thing felt like the biggest challenge for the digital marketing enthusiast.

One night after a tiring day, she lay wearily on her bed staring into oblivion while the light of her fairy lights continued dancing to the sounds of the buzzing. That’s what bought her peace, that’s what gave an answer, a solution she craved for so long and that’s when Light Buzz Media was born, a company that performs to deliver solutions!

Again, right under the light blue sky, sat not two but one this time who dreamt and lived her dream. Well, she wasn’t alone, with her was her accomplishment, her company that was in the making to become the best digital marketing company in India. With new dreams and goals, she’s again set on a journey to give brands the best digital marketing solutions and results that people rave about!

Light Buzz Media is an integrated digital marketing agency that offers services such as SEO, SMM, SEM, Content writing and Graphic designing, a complete package of excellence that will help your business excel. We’re certain to turn your dreams into reality, just like we did ours. Contact today!