Latest Instagram Reels Features Update By Light Buzz Media

Latest Instagram Reels Features Update By Light Buzz Media

Being one of the top social media marketing companies- Light Buzz Media ensures to stay abreast with the latest trends in the social world. And our mothers have taught us ‘sharing is caring,’ hence, we make sure to educate our readers too.

The social media behemoth, Instagram is back again with new features for its famous and result-yielding video format- reels. It has rolled out four new reel features that are as follows:

1. Easy Edit, Impactful Reels

We all are aware of the painstaking task of editing reels that sometimes require hours and even days to perfect a reel. Hence, Instagram has now made it easier for users by accommodating stickers, text, audio and video clips, all within the editing interface. This gives the users the freedom to align their images or clips as per the sound, ensuring to produce visually timed viral content.

Instagram has always worked to simplify tasks for its users and aims to simplify them by investing more in making editing easier. Users, you’ll can expect the introduction of exciting tools that’ll make your editing experience easier and more fun.

2. A Space For Trending Content

Creators are on the constant lookout for ideas and content that inspire. Hence, to simplify their search, Instagram will be introducing a space that will be dedicated to providing ideas and inspiration from trends. This will include the famous songs used on Reels, the amount of time the reel has been used and the will also give them the option to save or use the audio.

3. Making Gifts Available

Instagram is working towards moving beyond boundaries to make gifts available to the creators. The social media giant has moved to new marketplaces such as Mexico, France, New Zealand, Australia, The UK and Canada. Furthermore, they will also be releasing a feature that highlights the fans that have sent a gift enabling the creators to appreciate their gifts.

The supporters will have a heart icon next to them and by tapping the creators can indicate that the gift has been received and loved.

4. An Insight Update

Instagram is improving Reel insights for the creators to get more clarity related to the content performance. Total watch time and average watch time are the two important metrics that ease the process of viewing the performance of a reel.

Total watch time refers to the complete duration that a reel was played and even replayed. Average watch time on the other hand indicates the mean time that is calculated by dividing the watch time by the number of plays.

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