How Barbie Became Viral Over Social Media Again!

How Barbie Became Viral Over Social Media Again

Barbie has ruled over hearts for years and has managed to capture the audience on the internet too with their infamous campaigns and new introductions. It has again caught the attention of the fans on social media but it’s not your traditional Barbie that has gone viral, it’s the Reel Barbie!

The new Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling caused quite a stir with the release of its trailer and other content but the one that made them go viral is the Barbie selfie generator. The success of the selfie generator is the dream of top social media marketing companies. It instantly became a huge hit!

What is the Barbie Selfie Generator?

The Barbie team ahead of the release introduced a Selfie Generator that took people straight to the land of their childhood dreams-Barbie Land. The team first introduced the posters with the star cast and later put light on the selfie generator that allowed the public to create their personalised poster.

How Barbie Became Viral Over Social Media Again

The release of the selfie generator was a much-needed hit for the team as the trailer on its release received criticism related to the star cast and how the movie can potentially be cringe. However, the release of new teasers and the selfie generator caused a tide of a positive wave which made Barbie the centre of attraction, yet again.

What Made The Selfie Generator A Success?

The Personalization:

Giving people the opportunity to create their personal posters allowed the audience to unleash their creativity and create unique content. It enabled them to enter the world of Barbie Land and create their distinct version of Barbie. An influx of user-generated content was witnessed over social media platforms that involved content ranging from funny to even professional. The open nature of the selfie generator and the opportunity for customization are what made it a hit.

The ‘Meme’ Influence and Nostalgia

As a social media marketing agency, we understand the power of memes and the selfie generator helps people to create meme-ish content with witty lines. The beauty of the content is that it isn’t required to be perfect, it can have some flaws yet can be funny or striking at the same time. The poster can be created by anyone, a professional, a novice or even a teenager. All one needs to do is upload his/her picture and let the AI do its magic. It beautifully erases your background and places your portrait into the poster.

Secondly, the feeling of nostalgia is what has made the posters a success. It takes you back to the time when the kids used to blast the song ‘I’m a Barbie girl’ on speakers. The playful colours, 90’s design and the typical font are what give the poster a perfect Barbie look.

AI is not competition, instead, it’s your partner in efficiency. It enables you to reach more people and at the same time also improves customer retention. This is because it allows making personalization and customization possible. It increases the chances of achieving quality leads which may not be possible solely through your digital marketing skills.

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