Evergreen And Topical Content: The Best For Boosting Traffic

Evergreen And Topical Content: The Best For Boosting Traffic

Content writing services often include two important forms of content- Topical and Evergreen. But, why exactly are they important? We’ll clear it out for you. For example, you post a video on your social media profile and get an outstanding number of views but no likes or followers. Similarly, traffic is important for your website but maintaining it is even more important. You have to give people something to stay, something like Evergreen and Topical content.

What is Topical and Evergreen Content?

Topical content refers to producing content as per current events or information. For example, confectionary brands during festivals like Diwali could churn out content related to gift boxes or the multiple sweets that they have to offer. Such content creates awareness and relevancy and at the same time may drive conversions too.

Evergreen content on the other hand just like the name suggests is always relevant. Unlike topical content that is bounded by the chains of time, evergreen content is referred to any time after it is posted.

Which Of The Two Is Better?

Both have their own set of pros and cons. Let’s have a look:


1. Less Time Required For Research

Topical content requires only research relevant to the topic that can be gained through multiple sources such as news, websites, social media, etc. It eliminates the need to plan for the next set of content to produce.

2. It Drives More Traffic

Topical topics often have the tendency to trend and they also can help garner traffic from multiple sources such as social media, email, web searches, etc.


1. It’s Common

Every brand jumps on the bandwagon of topical content, hence making it common. Efforts are required to create unique content that stands out from the rest or else your post will be just another fish in the sea.

2. It Takes Time To Build Credibility

With topical content, traffic doesn’t come with trust. You’re required to build it with consistency and creativity over a period of time.


1. It’s Long-Lasting

The long-term factor of evergreen content helps it to stay fresh for an extended period which translates to steady traffic. Furthermore, the content can easily be optimised which can help to accelerate traffic.

2. Easy To Create

Listicles and how-to’s are some of the sought-after topics perfect for evergreen content that can be written even by entry-level writers.


1. You Can Easily Run Out Of Topics

Consistently creating evergreen content can make it difficult for you to come up with new and interesting topics.

2. Generating Traffic Is A Slow Process

Evergreen content helps generate traffic at a steady pace, unlike topical content that spikes traffic in a short period of time.

So which should you choose? Like every content marketing agency in India and worldwide would say, a blend of both! You must strike the balance between the two to get the best results. Contact Light Buzz Media- a leading digital marketing service provider to generate traffic through the right blend of content.