Essential SEO Metrics To Track In 2023

Essential SEO Metrics To Track In 2023

Data- the currency of the digital world- is an essential aspect of measuring a particular activity's success. It has been a boon for several marketers and several services especially SEO in digital marketing. Keeping track of the data helps to make the right decision which further translates to better marketing outcomes.

With the introduction of GA4 there are several metrics that you can track in 2023 such as:

1. Landing Page

The Google Analytics landing page report is a personal favourite amongst marketers as it provides detailed information about the effectiveness of the first page visited by the user and more.

You can get clarity about the direct sales that are made via SEO efforts. Initially, one was required to create a manual report but now post its update, GA4 provides a standard landing page report.

2. Engagement Rate

Engagement rate is the latest addition to the list of metrics with the introduction of GA4.

Meaningful engagements on a website are measured that help to understand the success of certain activities as per the goals. Engagement metrics include clicks, scrolls and conversions amongst others.

3. Content Engagement

Content will always be king and the GA4 has improved its monitoring. In GA4 following are the things you can measure as per a page:

  • Site search
  • Video plays
  • Clicks
  • Video engagement
  • File downloads

4. Customer Life-Time Value

Customer Life Time Value is essential to understand the efficacy of SEO efforts in the long run. Businesses that are subscription-based can be the best way to understand this. If a user has subscribed for a month or three months or for a year determines the customer lifetime value and helps to alter efforts accordingly.

5. Brand Visibility

The number of clicks and mentions helps to understand the performance of brand searches. It highlights the pages that are receiving more clicks and the ones that are not. If there are pages that receive more clicks but relatively fewer queries then SEO efforts can be directed in that particular area.

By tracking brand searches, you can get better clarity about how people search for your brand, which you might have missed otherwise.

6. Clicks and Impressions

The basic yet essential parts of SEO are clicks and impressions. Without clicks, you cannot have conversions and without impressions, you cannot get clicks. Hence, a complete analysis of all the factors should be considered. Other metrics such as engagement, sales direct from SEO and downloads must also be considered while evaluating the clicks and impressions.

7. Revenue

This is a no-brainer. Every marketing effort should be directed towards getting returns. It is extremely important to understand which pages are giving you the results and revenue and which are not. You can accordingly direct efforts towards your best revenue sources and the ones that need working.

Metrics are a crucial part that can help you get better and win the digital game. Ensure to get the best SEO services from the finest SEO company in Mumbai like Light Buzz Media that can help you grow with data and good results.