Design in Advertising: An Essential That Completes the Story

Design in Advertising: An Essential That Completes the Story

Design in advertising is the soul that adds life to the creative making it appealing and compelling. It gives an advertisement its essence, a feeling that stays with the audience forever. So, whoever said that all you need is a good copy and no design, you need to get away from them, ASAP!

Design is just like a period that completes a sentence. Hence, it is required, for every creative, for every thought. But how exactly does it complete a creative, here’s how:

1. It Executes Your Idea

People often say that creating an idea is difficult, but executing it is even more difficult. While the idea may be phenomenal, if it’s not illustrated correctly, it’ll lose its effectiveness. This is where design comes into the picture. A design is like an expression that helps you communicate efficiently. Furthermore, it remains a cornerstone of any creative that needs to sell. So if you have the right design, you have the right key to success.

2. It’s The End Of A New Beginning

Design is the climax that determines the ending of your creative story. It could be happy or sad, all depends on how well you execute it. It needs to be built by choosing the right colour, message, graphics and more that help to illustrate it the way it is meant to be and the way it needs to end. With design, you have the power to decide the ending of your story, so make it a memorable one.

3. It’s Not Different From Story Telling

While designing, you need to tell your tale, not through words but through graphics. It’s imperative to select elements that work in tandem with your idea and together create a story that is lived by every person who views the masterpiece. That’s how you can express yourself without even saying 1000 words.

The To-Do List:

Top 5 Tips from Light Buzz Media- a graphic design studio that creates stories that are remembered forever.

  • Ensure to get the brief right. Without a clear brief, you will only be working on corrections.
  • Study the brand. We cannot emphasise enough on this. Study and understand the brand, the aesthetic, the colours and a lot more. A brand is more than just what meets the eye; therefore, you need to get into the details.
  • Don’t think of the creative as only combining elements. Think of it as a puzzle, only the right elements can complete the picture. Your knowledge, study and experience can together help you achieve the results you need.
  • Take inspiration. Your research should not only include studying the brand but also the work of other artists. Inspiration comes from places that may surprise you. So go on a research spree, read, see and get inspired.

Who says stories are only written with words, some or many if we may say so are designed through visuals. The best of words and design is what you need to get your message across, avail the best of both at Light Buzz Media - a creative digital marketing agency in Mumbai that creates to make a difference.