Debunking the Top 4 Myths About SEO

Debunking the Top 4 Myths About SEO

SEO in digital marketing is just like Anil Kapoor, evergreen, never ageing. Whata playa! Coming back to SEO. It has been an essential part of several marketing strategies for companies across the globe. Why, wouldn’t it? It helps achieve better ranking, increases visibility and awareness, etc all the organic way.

However, despite its popularity and the benefits it offers, there are several myths that blanket SEO making it a gem covered in a facade of lies.

Let us debunk some of the common myths of SEO and highlight the reality:

1. The Number of Links Are Important Than The Quality

.....says the one who wishes to lower the authoritativeness and trustworthiness of a website. Inundating other sites with a plethora of links may make website users suspicious. The users are more attentive than you think.

Instead, focus on the quality of the links that can boost your authority and allow the users to trust you rather than cancel you. Opt for high-quality websites that can provide you with good value

2. Set SEO Today and Forget It Tomorrow

SEO is not a one-time thing that is to be done today and left tomorrow just because it’s been done. Instead, what it needs is constant optimisation and updates that help it generate results that your brand is craving.

Constant monitoring, testing, analysing and editing is an ongoing process because search engines are a mystery. To solve it, you need to consistently tweak your SEO strategy and find a way to achieve digital success.

3. High Keyword Density Can Do Wonders For Your Ranking

This is a Sin! The only thing this is going to do is a blunder for your company. We understand that there are certain keywords that you need to focus on for it to rank, but that doesn’t give you a pass to stuff keywords into the content. Did you know? Keyword stuffing can also lead to search penalties.

Strategically placing the keywords can prove to be beneficial for your brand in a number of ways. You don’t need to feed the algorithms with frequency but quality!

Focus on the keywords that you believe that your users will use that’ll help drive more traffic.

4. Page Speed is Not of Much Importance

Imagine a situation, where you click on a website and it takes 5 minutes to load and open completely. Isn’t it frustrating? Your audience goes through the same frustration if your website loading speed is slow. The slower the speed is the faster the viewers will be to lose interest.

Furthermore, it is also a crucial part of page ranking in search engines. This is why page speed is something that every best SEO services provider focuses on.

The above are a few myths that have surrounded SEO and we hope that we have debunked them for you. Get in touch with Light Buzz Media- a leading digital marketing agency in India to experience the reality and benefits of Serch Engine Optimisation. At Light Buzz Media, we ensure to eliminate your burden and give you the best of SEO. Get in touch today.