An Insight Into The Life Of A Digital Marketer

An Insight Into The Life Of A Digital Marketer

At Light Buzz Media, an established digital marketing agency in India, clients are more than just acquaintances, they are a part of the digital family. Their satisfaction is paramount to us. From the very first meeting, we ensure to provide answers to every question the clients have because we believe knowledge is power and with that power, a client gets the ability to make wise decisions.

Throughout the process, we make sure that every little detail mentioned by the client is noted. This is because it is in these details that lie the secret of success. Furthermore, before beginning, we ensure to ask everything from A to Z about what the client needs, what’s their goal, their expectations, limitations and more to get clarity. There are often common requirements of clients that we’ve come across. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Quality content
  2. Improved backlinks
  3. Clean grid
  4. Onsite pages optimization

No matter the objective, every process is initiated by briefing the concerned teams. Once the requirements are put across, each team devices a solution that is then discussed with the clients. Once the approval is given by the client, that’s when the real work starts.

Quality Content

It’s essential to understand the target audience, and the tonality of the brand to create content. For website content and blogs, each page is studied and suggestions are made accordingly. As per the approvals, the content is written and sent back again for approval and then uploaded.

Improved Backlink

The first step is to scrutinise the existing backlinks and check whether they can be improved. Make suggestions related to new backlinks and how can they be made better eg. via guest blogging, internal link building etc. Every possible option is discussed with the client and then put into action.

Clean Grid

This involves studying the client’s grids, understanding the kind of aesthetic they are trying to achieve and creating a dummy grid for reference with content ideas. A content calendar is created to lay down all the ideas within the grid that paints a clear picture. The idea, potential grid, copy, posting time, etc, everything is approved by the clients and then the postings begin.

Onsite Page Optimisation

Each and every page is studied in-depth, an audit report is created and areas that require improvement are highlighted. Suggestions are made by the expert which is further discussed with the clients. On receiving approval, the work starts in full action.

For each requirement, a weekly report is given to the client, a meeting is conducted every two weeks to discuss the progress and the final product is delivered. If the client approves, the final product is made live or changes are made, shared and uploaded.

However, we need to make this clear that each client is unique and hence our solution is tailored as per the client. The same steps or formula aren’t followed to get results, well we’re the best digital marketing company in Mumbai for a reason.

If you wish to move up the digital scale, contact Light Buzz Media- a reliable digital marketing service provider that offers solutions for you to receive extraordinary results. Get in touch with us today.