Ad Studio Creative Tool: Revamping Google Ads


Google has been an important part of the search engine marketing family that has helped brands gain considerable visibility, awareness and traffic through several tools and features. The consistent updates, addition of features and new introductions have made Google a saviour for several brands across the globe.

One of the latest tools introduced by the search giant Google is the Ad Studio Creative tool which was initially launched in beta mode. Google has now made it available for all businesses which will allow them to make multiple versions of a single display ad or video. Scaling just got real!

Customers often prefer relevant data, however, remaining relevant across several platforms can be an extremely expensive and time-consuming task. This is one of the reasons that may have restricted many marketers from availing the benefits of custom and relevant advertisements. However, with Google’s new introduction- the Ad Studio Creative, this has changed.

As mentioned by Google, several versions of a single display or video ad can be made which can be further customised as per the locations, audiences, context or languages. All you have to do is mention the images, sound or text that you want to be swapped and provide it with the alternate versions of the element that would be based on the rules created by you.

Google gives an example where you might make a change in the text overlay on the video creative that would be based on whether the audience is in the market for warm weather travel or cold weather gear. The rules will be applied instantly to all the videos and changes will be made to the rest of the versions accordingly. For anyone who needs to review it, the video can be previewed along with the set rules.

Easy Functioning, Evolved Campaigns

The app will also enable the ads to be available in several formats which also involves a vertically aligned video that can further be exported to be used in campaigns.

New features were added to ensure that the projects developed in Ad Creative Studio can be shared across platforms such as Google Ads, Video 360, Display and Campaign Manager 360.

The images from the Ad Creative Studio library can be exported to the Google Ads asset library of any account that is linked. It allows Google Ads users to get access to the images that can be used for campaigns for several campaign types like Performance Max. The Ad Creative Studio library is an accommodation of creative assets that can be shared with several media accounts for activation.

Ad Creative Studio, since its inception in beta, was available to Video 360 and Display customers. Now, it can also be connected to Campaign Manager 360. HTML 5 creatives can be easily uploaded, managed and exported to either of the three- Video 360, Display and Campaign Manager. With further updates and features, video creatives can also be exported.

With the help of Ad Studio Creative augment the creative efficiency and effectiveness. Ensure to make the best use of it or get in touch with Light Buzz Media- a leading digital marketing agency that can help to make the most of the incredible too and also offer excellent search engine marketing services that deliver results and satisfaction.