A Detailed Guide To Content Workflow Management


Content writing services may consist of delivering quality content that produces measurable results. However, do you know what goes behind curating content that is efficient and relatable? A majority of people may not be aware and hence, we will be discussing a topic crucial to the content formation which is content workflow management.

What is Content Workflow Management?

In simple words, it is a blueprint of how the tasks are supposed to be carried out by the content team to produce quality content on time and ensure timely delivery.

It is the ultimate plan that helps a team overcome the potential hurdles that may disrupt the flow and may result in a debacle. From planning, and designing to publishing a social media post to a full-fledged Omni channel SEO copywriting campaign, a well-defined content workflow can smooth out the process and enable a team to work efficiently.

A documented workflow can benefit in the following ways:

  • Helps ensure the production of accurate, consistent and relevant content.
  • Enable a team to deliver content as per the set deadlines.
  • Highlight the errors and areas that require work.
  • The employee with content responsibilities is held accountable in case of errors.

The Three Valuable Factors of Content Workflow Management

1. Process

Having clarity of the process is pivotal as it can help eliminate the potential pitfalls. By analysing the start and end point of the process, we can gain an idea of areas that delay it. Once we’re aware of the specific areas, we work on them to make the process smoother and more efficient for our clients.

One important aspect of the process is approval. A delay in approvals translates to a delay in relevancy and impact. Therefore, we ensure to assign a reliable professional to improve all the content that is to be published and is responsible for the approvals.

2. Tasks

It’s essential to be clear with the tasks that are to be added to the workflow for which again clarity is paramount. The tasks are decided based on everything that is required to be done from ideation to publishing.

The workflow can vary depending on the kind of content to be published. For example, tasks for videos will be relatively more as compared to LinkedIn content.

It is of utmost importance to keep a close track of the pending and completed work as it can help to take the necessary actions required to deliver content on time.

3. People

While content workflow management may be the heart of the content, people are the veins that carry the fuel it needs to perform. The right person assigned for the right task is like hitting a jackpot as he/she may have the skills and experience to carry out a given task related to their area of expertise.

Clear communication is key to ensuring that the concept is well understood and executed. Selection of the ideal team members can greatly influence the process and help maximise value for the clients.

Content workflow management is essential that not everyone knows that they need. However, we at Light Buzz Media- a credible digital marketing service provider know the importance of it and ensure to deliver content according to the set deadlines and expectations through a well-established content workflow. We never miss out on the important things nor let you miss any. Contact us to avail content that is relatable, well-executed and increases ROI.