A Complete Guide To Brand Style Guidelines

A Complete Guide To Brand Style Guidelines

A digital marketing agency often handles multiple brands and creates different content for several businesses. Each brand has its own designated team with several creative personnel involved. The big question that arises here is, how do you maintain the style and aesthetic of each brand throughout their feed? It’s through Brand style guidelines.

What is a brand style guidelines?

Brand style guidelines are the blueprint of how your content is supposed to look, sound and feel. This may include the tonality of your content, the colours used, the font, how to spell your brand, how to make use of visuals and more.

Such guidelines are consolidated into a single sheet and are followed by each creative professional. This helps in creating content that is consistent no matter who creates it.

What happens if you don’t use brand style guidelines?

By not being consistent with your aesthetics, you create a confusing palette of content for your audience. For example, you post detailed, informative social media posts in a serious tone but the tonality of your brand is casual. This creates a strong disconnect among the audience and leads to a drop in trust.

How To Create Brand Guideline?

A digital marketing service provider will always ensure to begin by creating a brand guideline that includes mission, vision, colour, tonality, audience, goals and more.

This helps to build a strong foundation on which consistency is built and trust is gained.

• Create Your Brand Identity

The best way to clearly state what your brand stands for is by noting down the mission, vision, goals and values. This gives clarity to the creators and enables them to understand the brand’s essence.

Pages like About Us and Our Story describes your journey and helps create a better connection.

• Use Of Typography, Logo and Colours

The brand guideline also consists of elements like visuals such as the logo must be used in specific colours and sizes. Furthermore, consistency is also built through the repeated use of the same font. Similarly, the use of colours makes a huge difference. Creating a cohesive set of content is what will make your brand look complete.

• Follow a set tone of voice

Your tonality depends on how you converse with your audience and therefore it should be consistent. You cannot sound formal and serious in one post and casual in the next. The brand tone must also alter as per the type of content you’re delivering.

• Brand Writing Style

It is important to keep in mind the words that can be used and avoided. Be careful of the writing style such as the use of oxford commas, following British or American English, etc. You must also be clear about the formatting such as the use of headings, bullet lists and more.

There’s a lot more that goes into making brand style guidelines that can be successfully achieved by the experts such as the best digital marketing company in Mumbai. Get in touch with Light Buzz Media today and set the guidelines to create masterpieces for tomorrow.