Search Engine Optimization opens doors for your brand to lead specifically for queries related to your business and industry. In simpler words, if people search for a business related to your industry, your brand will be the first to show up. This provides your brand authority, credibility and trust- the three things that are important to get people clicking.

However, search engines over the years have evolved considerably and tend to have a dynamic nature. In such a situation, sticking to organic search results isn’t a wise option. Instead, complementing SEO with PPC that falls under the umbrella of search engine marketing is a combo that augments the effectiveness of an SEO strategy.

Following are the drawbacks of SEO and how PPC can help:

● SEO takes longer to start

To initiate an SEO strategy even with maximum resources can be an elaborate process as publishing optimal content, generating backlinks and onsite optimization requires time. Moreover, even once you get started, you need to patiently wait for the SEO strategy to gain momentum. On the other hand, PPC can help you get started instantly. It may offer a business the benefit of becoming visible as soon as it adds money.

● Struggle for visibility and control

SEO experts must work dedicatedly to understand the ever-changing algorithms and manage strategies accordingly. A single wrong step can ultimately affect the ranking and so will your business's visibility. PPC on the other hand is quite transparent and data is readily available that allows you to make informed decisions that’ll yield better results.

● SEO is not reliable

Unfortunately, SEO is unpredictable because of Google’s frequent algorithm changes. Furthermore, the industry is quite complex because of the intense competition. Even with the best strategies and practices, there is a chance for a Google update or a competitor to put all your efforts in vain which may have a severe impact on your budget. With PPC, you may have to deal with SERP changes and the competition but the relief here is that you will be paying only for the clicks.

Drawbacks of PPC and how SEO can help:

● High costs

PPC and SEO are different strategies and comparing the prices are difficult, however, in general, PPC is considered to be more expensive than SEO. Search engine optimization requires limited funds and can generate exceptional results with minimal input. PPC ads tend to be pricey, especially when the business is a part of a competitive industry..

● Restricted scalability

In PPC, to achieve more scalability, you are required to place more ads to reach more people. However, with SEO, scalability is not an issue.

PPC and SEO complement each other's strengths and weaknesses making them the perfect strategies for each other. To get the benefits of PPC and SEO, connect with Light Buzz Media- the best digital marketing company in Mumbai that offers the finest search engine optimization and search engine marketing services for your brand to get the desired results. Additionally, we create strategies with an omnichannel approach and select those strategies that would work best for your business. Get in touch today to avail integrated digital marketing solutions.