Be it copywriting and content writing or any other service, all the efforts are directed for a post to get a reaction. While the common form of responses is comments, likes and shares, the other form that has gained popularity over the years is emojis. The small digital icons that are used to express emotions have become all the rage today. From Facebook to Instagram and even LinkedIn, every social media platform has emoji reactions and users are untiring advocates of them.

While a majority of the platforms have a diverse range of emojis as expressions, LinkedIn missed one- the funny reaction emoji. However, after multiple requests for a laughing emoji, LinkedIn heard them and finally introduced the funny emoji.

LinkedIn- A Platform That Listens

An employment and business-oriented online platform-LinkedIn previously had only 6 emojis that comprised like, celebrate support, love, insightful and curious emoji reactions. The six reactions initially were considered suitable for the platform considering its professional nature. However, over a period of time, there has been a change in the content posted and consumed by the users which have made them ask for a new reaction- the laughing emoji.

LinkedIn is an application that has ensured to listen to its users and implement changes as per their requirements. The introduction of the seventh emoji reaction is a testament to the platform’s ability to listen and deliver rather than making insignificant changes or adding features that no one asked for. While the funny emoji may be a tiny addition to the platform, it still creates a huge impact on the customers.

The Laughing Emoji- Yay or Nay?

On LinkedIn, you’ll witness a host of diverse posts which may range from for example content writing services to how COVID 19 changed their life to customer complaints and more. While the six emojis could express people’s major emotions, what they couldn’t do is let them illustrate their emotions for a post that made them laugh. This was made possible through the laughing emoji.

Despite it being the most requested feature, the initiation of the laughter emoji has received mixed reactions. While some think it is a much-required addition to the platform others believe that the funny reaction will cause many people to deviate from the professional aspect of the platform and may also lead to the rise of unwarranted posts.

LinkedIn has proved to be an extremely beneficial platform and has witnessed incredible engagement growth over the two years. However, there has been a significant spike in untargeted junk posted by users for attention.

While the funny emoji reaction may help a digital marketing service provider or an entrepreneur get the right reaction to a humorous post, boosting their confidence. It may also lead to a rise in irrelevant posts. Time will tell what changes or impact the emoji reaction makes.

As for us, we like the introduction of the new emoji as it gives people a new way to express what they truly feel. However, as mentioned earlier it may also result in a rise of incentivized posts that are hungry for such responses.